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Hi, I have been getting lots of great info. reading these threads...I am another one frmthe thyroid boards and would appreciate any comments. Basically I am wonder how thyroid replacement meds may or may not effect cortisol levels as well as how jet lag might.... Two questions:

1. I read that jet lag can raise cortisol levels. On a trip to the states last summer, after 11 days I did cortisol saliva test... AM was high and rest lower but within normal....are these results accurate if I was possibly still suffering from jet lag?

2. I think I was a bit overdosed on Armour at the time...could that skew the results as well?

3. I am currently working with a holistic doc in Maine, and he has me now on siberian ginseng (two weeks now) and I am wondering how a slight overdose OR underdoes of thyroid meds (what I am taking now is synthroid) might effect my cortisol levels...

4. Could cortisol levels being off a bit give you bloating?

(ok, four questions!) thanks for any help! Pixiek