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Hi Bob & other friends on the board,

I was just wondering what meds you take for pain mng./spine health etc...

(I'm 4 weeks post-op from dbl.acdf)

I take 32 pills a day now! 12 are Gabapentin. (3600mgs total) I just began Ketorolac (sp?) 3 a day, 1 Welbutrin, 1 Zopiclone for sleep along with 1 Melatonin for good measure. :yawn:
Then there's my Synthroid, bone builder suppliments, Citrical, Glucosomine/Condroiton,multi.vitamin...

I can't remember the rest which is probably from all the pill popping! :rolleyes:
I was taking Vicodin, Propoxi-something...anyway, different narcotics but the side effects caused too many problems so I quit those.

I still really struggle with the pain. The Gabapentin was started 3 months prior to surgery & brought my constant 7-9(pain scale) headache down to 3-5 constant.
This week the new Ketorolac has taken the edge off hip pain (from surgery) that had been making me cry at times it was so bad. It's way better now & a bit of relief from arm & neck/back pain but not much.
Gab. just went from 2700mgs to 3600 a couple days ago so we'll see if that helps.

Well, anyway....I just wondered what y'all take & what works for you.

I'll look forward to hearing back.

Your Invisible Friend,
Jackie :wave:
Hi Jane,

thanks for the reply. I intend on speaking to my doc. regarding getting off some of this stuff soon. I'm still coming along in my recovery (just slowwwwly,) & want save some money. Maybe it will feel better, too.
Right now 12 pills are Gabapentin, which if they had a 3,600mg pil available, I'd take it.
1 is Welbutrin, 1 Synthroid(can't stop) & 1 Zopiclone b4 bed. I stopped the RX anti-inflamitory to be safe with my stomache.
'Not really on herbs...just a lot of calcium, glucosamine/condroitin, & bone builders. Oh ya, and a woman's 1-A-Day. :)

Yup, heat, ice, hubby massage. Still a painful right arm & a sore hip. I'm hanging in there.

Thanks for the post, Jane. I'm so happy you had such relief. It gives us all hope.

Keep in touch.

Jackie :wave: