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Natalie, hi I am a diagnosed hypothyroid for the past 5 years. I'm going to give you my personal input no medical research going on here. This might seem a little more thyroid then weight issue, but they are very closely related. I first saw my doctor when my weight sky-rocketed, gained over 4 clothing sizes in one summer. Some of my other symptoms that we talked about was the fact of my weight gain, my extreme exhaustion, dry skin, insomnia at night, and my hair loss. He tested my thyroid and said I was just below the "normal" range, but knowing my condition he knew that I was way low. So he started me on synthroid, 6 months later I was tested again, and in the "normal" range this time but the symptoms were still persistant, he upped the dose that time. Checked again 6 months later and things were looking up. I started to feel human again, I could sleep at night, my skin started to get some moisture, and I felt like I could go out with out tuckering out early. I think my doctor has my prescription right on now because I have not gained weight in over a year. If I miss a dose, I can tell a couple of days later from feeling a little sluggish, then the next day I'm feeling great again provided I remembered other than that one day.

What I'm trying to tell you is that yes there is no true normal range that fits everyone. And you have to have a doctor that is willing to keep up on this with you until you find what dose is right for you. When I told my doctor that I was wanting to loose weight he adjusted it again, because at one dose it'll help you maintain a steady metabolism, but more of it will give it the boost. That's what thyroid controls is how well your metabolism works, it sends the signal that controls it's rate. If you are new to the diagnoses just give it time. Remember though that just by taking the pill you aren't going to loose weight, exercise and dieting is going to make the weight come off the pill is just going to make it a little easier.