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Well, I saw a new doc last week.

He is NOT an endo which is why I was waiting, wanted to exhaust local endos on my plan first. He is internal med/holistic. It turns out that he stduy thyroid and thyroig harmones as they pertain to ant-aging (we ddin't go into that topic) becaus of this he has a very good understanding of how it all works, so far he understands more than any of the endos I've ssen. He took me off Synthroid and put me on Armour. He said most women feel better on the naturla T4 & T3. I was looking at the dosing conversion and am a little confused. I was on 100 mcg of synthroid & he put me on 120 mg of Armour. I thought it was too much but I've been on it since Friday & have not felt hyper. I feel the same. How long does the Armour take to work. I know that a blood test is taken 2 weeks after starting/adjusting the dose.

Any way, the doc is nice, I like him. He said that he lets the thyroid run "hotter" then most endos like. He had me go for a bone scan, which none of the endos had taken. Makes sense, how would they know if the meds are affecting my bone density without a baseline???

If it weren't for this board, I would have accepted my miserable state of being as "just the way it is".

Thanks to all of you, I know better!!!!