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Hi everyone, I'm new to the boards,I've been reading everyone elses posts for a while and I find them very helpful. Its unfortunate so many people have thyroid disease, but it's also nice to know you're not alone. I seem to have this swelling problem in my hands and I have yet to see anyone else say they have experienced this. I'll try to make this short so here goes a little info about my situation. I was diagnosed hypo in July 2003 a week after a miscarriage. I started 25 mcg of unithroid, then for some reason was changed to levoxyl. I then went to 50 mcg and was pregnant again 3 months after the miscarriage. I had my daughter and was still on 50 mcg. I was switched to Synthroid by mistake by the Dr. and had swelling and weight gain so they switched me back. I got really sick a few months later and was tested for Lupus, told I had Arthritis and Fibromyalgia and was told to decrease my thyroid meds because my TSH was 0. I went from 50 mcgs to 25 then to 12.5 and told my thyroid problem was "temporary". I was put on Synthroid again by my family Dr.(OBGYN precribed the levoxyl) and again started swelling in my hands and gained 8 lbs in 1 month! So I took myself off of the meds for 1.5 yrs. Our insurance changed and I was able to see an Endo, :D so I did this January. I started my meds again,25 mcg of Levoxyl and now I'm swelling again!!!!Since jan.20th I've gained 5 lbs. I told the Endo at my appt. that Synthroid made me swell, he said it was an allergic reaction to the Synthroid and he'd put me on Levoxyl again. But now I'm having the same problem again, I called the Endo and he ordered blood tests to see if I am allergic to the Levoxyl. Has anyone else had this problem?? What do you do if you're allergic to a med you have to have??? Am I just doomed???If I can't take Synthroid or Levoxyl whats left???? :confused:
Thanks for the info on the other meds that are out there. I just hope I am not allergic to them all....that would be my luck.

My Endo did test my antibodies, TSH, the T3 and T4. I'm not really sure what the results were to those tests but he did put me back on my meds.I do plan to call his nurse again and find out what my results were on them. After I called and told his nurse I was having swelling, thats when he told her to call me back and have me do more blood tests to see if I am allergic to the Levoxyl. He told me the swelling while on the Synthroid was from an allergic reaction....thats why he put me on the Levoxyl, I told him I have never had a problem with it before( the Levoxyl ).....but I guess there's a first time for everything.

If I'm allergic to the Synthroid and Levoxyl, would I most likely be allergic to all synthetic meds??? Should I ask him about Armour since it is a natural medicine???? Or should I pretty much trust him and leave well enough alone about that, since I've read alot of Dr.'s don't like Armour????