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I had a similar problem a year and a half ago. I noticed the nausea, the dizziness and also the blurred vision. The vision problem would happen whenever I was reading something and then looked up at the clock or anything else in the room. I went to an eye doctor who told me I had something called photoprobia...I still have the problem and glasses didn't help. Also I was diagnosed by my doctor with hypothyroidism which explained the foggy feeling and also the fatigue. I was having panic attacks and it took years for the doctors to find out about my thyroid. It seemed I was depressed or lack of sleep and a gammet of other missed diagnosis. I have been on synthroid for my thyroid and it has been a terrible struggle to feel good. I'm wondering now if you have ever had your thyroid checked? I know it is a seperate test than all the other blood work they put you through and because of that reason my diagnosis was always missed.