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Quote from OverRunWithSons:
Husband's Blood count did not show low iron at all, and when I said we dont' eat alot of meat, all i meant was... His High cholesterol could not be from that, as we dont' eat much. WE LOVE meat, but it is expensive (we have a family of 7 to feed) so we don't eat alot of red meat. We eat more Chicken than anything. His complete Blood work up was all normal except for Cholesterol #, LDL and ratio.


Now THAT makes more sense. :)

Let me tell you what my doc told me. I am 49 so I am not a whole lot older than your husband. I too had trouble lowering my TC through diet alone. He told me I had a genetic problem and no matter what I do I will have trouble getting it down through diet. He said it is due to a "defective" gene that misreads info. Went on to say that the Statins were actually made for people like me.
And of course if something is defective then I personally wanted to kick it in the butt.
It looks like you wish to try diet first? Good idea. See what happens. In the end there are always Statins.

But his rundown feeling...Hmmm...just how much "in range" is his thyroid? Is it close to the edge? Mine was, so I elected to go on synthroid. I was cold at night, my body temp was low. What is his tempature like?