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Quote from Natalie00:
Well it has been about 3 weeks since I started treatment for hypothyrodism and I know I am being very impatient, but how long will it be before I
1. Start to feel better
Everyone is different, but I never felt better on Synthroid, but that was because my free T3 was low and I just didn't convert. I now take Armour and feel so much better with a few lingering, but better symptoms.
2. get my appetite back
Just in last few weeks, I feel like eating a lot more, but didn't see in in my waistline so wasn't to concerned yet. I don't weigh myself at home, so was really shocked when doctor told me yesterday I lost 5lbs in 1 month. Who knew, but did feel jeans fit a little better.
3. lose weight!!
Hang in there. You need to get meds correct first and the some symptoms will start improving and hopefully go away. I've been told that once I feel better, I am given the opportunity to lose the weight, not for it to fall off. I have to agree, since I feel better, I am more active without really realizing it and maybe that's where my surprise loss came from.

I am eating less now then ever and I have gained 3 lbs!!! I am having to force feed myself small amounts and I just keep ballooning up. This is soooo frustrating. And to add to it all, I was told to stop taking my BC pills and ever since then, about 2 1/2 weeks ago, I have been getting splitting headaches and have been even more tired. I feel like nothing is happening....
Hopefully your headaches will go away after your next cycle. If you liked the BC pill why did your doctor tell you to stop? As for eating, you probably aren't eating enough or not enough calories, so your body thinks it's starving and literally hangs on to everything. It needs so many calories a day just to run. Try eating a little more or every 3-4 hours small meals. Add up your daily calories and search the web for sites that tell you how many you need to maintain, lose weight, and etc.