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Last summer I tried 3 - 25mcgs. of synthroid in 3 days, and was way too hot and slightly hyper feeling.I have always been really heat intolerant. My tsh 3 weeks later went down to .03. A full check a month later showed a tsh of 12, with normal t4, t3.(yea, I know ft4 and ft3 are better, but these aren't totally useless). Over the next few months my tsh dropped only to 6. This whole time I didn't feel any different. In January, all h**l broke loose, symptomwise. I started getting panicky and lightheaded. My tsh was still at 6.78, with ft4 at 0.89 (0.8-1.8). So I went to a new doctor and we started Synthroid 25mcgs. I started slow, and got hyper results-the worst was more lightheadedness and leg weakness. I took it day by day, and last week switched to Armour. I am at 30 mgs. now, and don't really feel when it hits anymore(from day one I could feel when my meds hit me in the morning!). That probably means I need to increase! I'm just fighting terrible constipation in the fact that my intestines don't seem to move anything along! It makes me sooo bloated in the stomach. I asked my endo if surgery to remove this diseased Hashi's gland could be my answer to tolerating meds better. He said that we could consider it, but not to believe that it would be a definite cure. I asked, and have been thinking about having it removed, because Kant's(on the board) problems were cured once she had her diseased hashi's gland removed. I have a 1.1 cm nodule, but have never had an uptake scan because my numbers don't show hyper. I've always wondered if it did indeed spew out thyroxine on its own occasionally! I do get a fast heartbeat if I eat much iodized salt on my food-I've definitely made that connection. I feel like I want to get my own TSI test(expensive on my own order) and see if I have a Grave's component to this disease, along with the Hashi's. I take it day by day, don't go hardly anywhere, as I am really trying to get my meds correct. Otherwise, I will have this darn gland removed!

I forgot. I had an appt. last week with my endo, and my tsh came in at 2, and t4 was in midrange. He said he has treated about 2000 patients over the years for thyroid problems, and he wanted me to guess how many of those have problems like me. I said probably alot. He said NO, ONLY ABOUT THREE!!!! So, he agreed to treat me by symptoms, and not labs. He's pretty open to whatever I ask. So I told him I would keep trying the meds, but if it did'nt work, I was going to think about surgery. I have been fighting this for 16 years, and I want a life back!
I hope the doctor does follow through like he talked in the last two appts.! I switched back to Synthroid 50 mcgs. today as the last couple of days on armour I feel strange, in the head. That is hard to explain, kind of like not being all there? So, on the Synthroid, I feel it when it hits me, and it makes me feel like I took a xanax, or something else to calm me down. It's weird. My muscles turn to mush and my head feels pressure. This lasts for a few hours and then I feel better. So I don't know which med is worse with the side effects...oh well, I'll keep trying.