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I'm really nervous about a court date coming up for my social security disability. I've been waiting since September of 2002. I've been denied over and over again and now I am at the Judicial Law Judge stage (which they tell me most of the cases are resolved at this level) I've been diagnosed with panic disorder and chronic depression...I've been on every antidepressent known to man...this originally was why I applied for disability. I was not able to drive a car, go to work, and some days not even able to get out of bed because of the severity of my illness. I was finally fired because of missed days. A year later after I applied for disability my doctors found a tumor and I had to have a hysterectomy and a few months later I developed Hypothyroidism. After that came the debilitating fibromyalgia. My condition now is so much worse it seems and none of the meds are working except for synthroid which I think is keeping my thyroid in check....My question I guess is I'm wondering what I am in for with this court thing. My attorney told me to bring a witness so several of my family members have offered to go with me. I'm scared I'm going to be denied because my condition is more mental than anything else. It is a debilitating condition as I am not able to leave the house unless someone is with me....I can't drive a car....and when the fibromyalgia hits I am unable to do anything at all. I've been waiting for this day for over 3 years and I really want to be prepared. Will the judge really look into my condition or will I just seem like a nut case?