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Oh PLEASE tell me this is not true. I just went thru the most difficult 3 hour surgery to get my thyorid out and he took 2 of the parathyroid glands by mistake. He could not get all on the right side and left 5% because he did not want to damage the parathyroid on the right side too. I could not even imagine having to have this surgery again. I don't go back to work until Weds. I should have been out 1 week but it turned into 3 weeks because I had a mass and had some lymph nodes removed. They sent the specimen to MD ANderson Cancer Center and I will get the results Tues. They found some cancer cells and some type of immune disease. I feel terrible and I have been started on Synthroid but can't tell. I had hyperthyroidism but my TSh was never abnormal. I will scream if my thyroid grows back.

Is it common to grow back??????

Thanks, Debbie
Hi Archie, thank you for posting. I wonder if I should have started on the Synthroid? My surgeon gave it to me 1 week after surgery. My serum calcium is also low. He said it is because he took out the parathyroid gland. My future is uncertain but I do know that I will do anything to keep the thing from growing back. You mentioned RAI. Is that when you go in isolation? I want to go to an endocrinologist but the surgeon (general surgeon) said he can take care of me and that he might refer me to an oncologist (sp). I'll see the surgeon Tues. I'll let you know what he says. Thank you for posting.
RAI should be followed by a period of isolation to protect others from your temporary radioactivity. The restrictions can vary with where you live (state laws have a say in it) and your doctor's standards. It ain't no big deal unless you have young kids that need a lot of your attention.

The build-up to RAI is worse than the treatment; they'll take you off the Synthroid and let you get super hypo; it took 5 weeks for me to get where they wanted me, another patient my radiation oncologist treated around the same time took only two weeks.

I'm not saying you have to have the RAI--that's up to your doctor and the diagnosis, I'm sure. It's pretty common though when cancer is involved.

It isn't necessarily wrong to have started on Synthroid prior to surgery; I wish I could have done that but it just delays the RAI if that is going to be given. I wanted to be through with everything as quickly as possible to minimize lost time from work and the travel restrictions that result. It was six weeks after the TT that I was finally able to start Synthroid. I'm still trying to come out of the hypo hole that put me in.