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Thanks for your concern, Carole. Actually, I saw my gp first that found the nodule. Surgeon told me she could treat me fine. She wanted to change from levo to synthroid same amt (75 mcg) and see me in THREE MONTHS! even tho I was having hypo symptoms and she SAID SHE would have started me on a larger dose. I thought she would raise me up, took a few extra right after the blood tests for 5 days and then got msg "blood work normal". At 3 wks after TT - it's going to be. Went to SIL doc(GP) at 6 wks - "blood tests normal" but had left on vacation - possibly earlier cheating caused that - but they were low normal. took extra on vacation - I was NOT going to be a vegetable for 2 more weeks. Going to see SIL gp again wed. and if he won't help I will make appt for Endo in that practice. I know him from deceased husband who used him for diabetes. He's listed on one of the top doc's lists. We'll see. I went about this ALL WRONG!! I KNOW it takes time, but others, like MatthewsMom - who I haven't seen here in a while, had her tt right before me and they kept upping her meds 25 mcg each WEEK til she felt good. I wonder how she is doing. Since we haven't seen her she must be doing ok and is busy with her family.
Anyway, this is why I say check out these docs BEFORE surgery so you can know what to expect. I WILL make it. Luckily, I don't have too many responsibilities that absolutely HAVE to be done. But things I WANT to get done that aren't.
How is your cold? Hope better today. My husband takes zinc (I had forgotten about it)but I don't know if it really helps or if it is something you should take right now.