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I am so confused. It seems the more I learn the more confused I get. I have almost "obsessed" reading and studying the last 1 1/2 yrs on my thyroid problems.

Help me figure me out!!!!!

(1) Have been hypo for 30 yrs, most of that time on 2 grains of Thyrolar, without any problems whatsoever, except looking back I had a few hypo symptoms like heel problems, but nothing that really affected my life. My gp treated me and I never even looked at my labs.

(2) About 2 1/2 yrs. ago I had to change doctors, and he noticed my suppressed TSH..............My Free T3 and Free T3 were in the upper part of the range, so he changed me to 1 grain of Thyrolar. They took Thyrolar off the market for a few mo. so he changed me to 125 mcg of Synthroid.

(3) In a few months time I was so crippled I could hardly walk, was put on blood pressure pills for 1st time.

(4) From that time until now it has been a nightmare. I have gone from dr. to dr. I have never been able since that time to get my free's back up without having hyper problems no matter how slow I increase. I also have most all the hypo symptoms with low thyroid blood levels.

The thyroid specialist I am now going to keeps cutting my meds. I am now on 3/4 grain Armour, still cuttting. Added to my symptoms even before I was put on the Armour is pounding, paputating, fast heartrate, mostly in the evening and at night. I will go several week without them and then another episode.I am also having anxiety attack which I have NEVER had before. My gp gave me xanax, troprol, and an increase in bp med for this. She told me to taper off the troprol after 2 wks. I did, but everytime I have an anxiety attack I start back on it.

I had concluded that I was still more hypo than ever and all the new symptoms were caused by that and was going to try to talk my dr. into agreeing to let me get my free T levels back up to upper range and forget about the suppressed TSH.

Then I decided that I would check my basal temp for several mornings. It has been running 98.1. Is that a sure sign that I don't need any more meds even if my free T's are on the low end? Very flustrating!

Dr. has checked my cortisol levels with a random blood test. It was mid range which he said was normal. Then he did a fasting blood test for cortisol........the one that you take the dex. pill the night before. It was a "1" which he said was normal. Does this mean I don't have an adrenal problem?

I woke up "feeling hyper" this morning so haven't taken my meds yet. It seems to come and go.

Can anyone give me some insight here??

I was supposed to have blood tests yesterday but doctor made me wait 2 wks because dermatologist had given me a steriod shot and thyroid doctor said it would affect my blood work. The amazing thing about it, it sure did help my aches, pains, and muscle soreness. I am wondering if one steriod short could have raised my bp cnd heartrate? I know it can raise glucose.