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I am new at this whole thyroid dilemna. I had TT on Feb 23rd and since surgery have been taking .125 mg of Levothy. (Can remember how to spell it). Initially I felt like crap emotionally a few weeks after TT, but the past 2 weeks I have felt great--I feel like my normal self. About 12 days ago I went to see an endo for the first time. I just got my lab results in the mail, well part of them. It says the my serum TSH level was elevated and that this generally reflects an insufficient amount of circulating thyroid hormone. They want to increase my thyroid dosage. They want to put me on Synthroid 150mcg alternating with Synthroid 175 mcg. Taking one daily. I dont know if this fits into anything, but I did not do the RAI treatment, and at this point am not sure if I will or wont, so I dont know if that will affect my results or not.

So my questions are this:
1) Is that a large dose of synthroid?
2) When I call in to give them my pharmacy info--should I ask them any other questions about this change?
3) I am concerned about the change because I have been feeling so good (minus being cold alot)

Any insight or help would be appreciated.
I would not change medication brands without a fight. Three major endocrine societies all have evidence that the methods of determining bioequivalence are flawed, and that patients doing well on one brand should not be switched without good reason. Here is the URL to a page on the American Thyroid Assn's site that outlines these concerns ~ (Remove the [url] and [/url] before copying and pasting into your browser window.)
[url] http://www.thyroid.org/professionals/advocacy/04_12_08_thyroxine.html [/url]

That said, you also would need to make sure that the generic levoT you now take will always be available to you. Pharmacies regularly switch generic manufacturers according to which one gives them the best wholesale price. Any switch between them could result in a poorer response than you get from the one you take now.

150 - 175 are not large doses for someone without a thyroid. Don't be concerned about that. Your mention of RAI leads me to ask if you had TT due to cancer. I'm not a thyroid cancer expert; but if you did have it, I think your TSH would need to be suppressed in order to prevent recurrence. That would mean the largest dose you can tolerate to achieve that might need to be prescribed.

IMO, because you're still intolerant of cold, you probably need a slight dose increase, but you shouldn't switch to Synthroid if the generic you're taking makes you feel generally well.