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I read on one of the posts that the AACE has posted new guidelines, where anything above 2.5 is considered hypothyroid for TSH levels. On the AACE website, I was only able to find something from 2004, which says: "The target TSH level should be between 0.3 and 3.0 uIU/mL."

Anyone have any idea of some sort of publication I can take to my GP?

I've been on Armour Thyro for a long time, but never new that the generic version wasn't too good. My GP told me to switch to the real thing, and then, like an idiot, I got lazy about taking it. :rolleyes: I started having a problem with my voice (I'm an opera singer, so I noticed!) and a really dry, sore and swollen tongue. When I went to the walk-in clinic, the doc there told me to get back on my meds.

After about 7 weeks, I had blood drawn (just TSH) and the level said 2.74. I'm still having trouble with slightly swollen and dry tongue and 24-hour headaches, so my GP switched me over to Synthroid.

Any thoughts about Armour vs. Synthroid? Any links to the new guidelines for the AACE? :confused:

Also, he went ahead and drew more blood to test Free T4, but not Free T3. I called and asked them to "humor me" and test my Free T3. Was that a good idea?

Anyway, any advice would be appreciated!

Try these two pages, Kierstin...

[url] http://www.aace.com/newsroom/press/2003/index.php?r=20030118 [/url]
[url] http://www.aace.com/public/awareness/tam/2003/explanation.php [/url]

Armour vs. Synthroid? Well, I take Armour and am doing quite well on it. I was first prescribed Synthroid, but the smallest dose overmedicated me. Armour hasn't done that, but it's most likely just the way my body responds. Because no two bodies are the same, how you react will be unique.

You were very diplomatic and wise to ask for the FT3. Blood levels of FT4 can be quite adequate, but if that T4 isn't converting to T3 the way it should or if the cells aren't receiving it properly, that adequate T4 level means little. Most people have some degree of conversion/absorption problem, and for them, a T4/T3 med like Armour works better. Keep that possibility in mind if you don't do well on Synthroid.

Hope you feel better soon.
Well, I know now that I should try and get my TSH down a little more. But I'm having trouble finding any good guidelines for what is "normal" for FT3 and FT4. Any recommendations?

The nurse said she went ahead and ordered the extra test - so I'll be getting the FT3 and FT4 tested. I called my old doc back in KC and asked for copies of my records to compare (got the works done back then).

I'm just concerned that my voice is going to crater on Synthroid without the T3.

Any suggestions?