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How I feel for your pain! The best advice I can give you: if your doc is not responsive or unable to help you, find a new doc.

So you are one of us w/fibro & thyroid issues. This is so common. Most docs are not up on the relationship between thyroid & fibro. Please ask your doc to run the Free T3, Free T4 (thyroid hormones) & thyroid antibodies along w/the TSH. If you get them done all at once, it's just the one poke!

The majority of labs in the USA are still not using the TSH reference ranges rec. in 2002 by the Am. Assoc. of Clinical Endocrinologists. And many docs are also unaware. To feel well, most of us need a TSH in the range of "1," with our free thyroid hormone levels in the top third of the range.

Are you currently on thyroid meds? Sometimes we need not just the typical T4 meds ("synthroid" or "Levoxyl") but also T3 meds (cytomel) or Armour thyroid. There are thousands of testimonies of people who are "healed" by the right type & amt of thyroid medication.

I am one who is bedridden at times, need to use walker, etc. when my thyroid is inadequately treated. It just flares up my fibro intolerably. Getting onto adequated medication has been critical to reclaiming my life.

I have also found that many of my fibro flares while on meds are the result of exposure to chlorine & fluoride, chemicals that compete with iodine in the body. As you probably know, our thyroids need iodine to function. My case is somewhat unique, but the benefit I've received from discovering what triggers my flares has been invaluable.

While you have not caused your illness, various potential triggers for fibro flares have been documented. It's an individual thing, but it's very empowering to figure out -- and control -- this fibro beast. I would encourage you to read & learn as much as you can.

My favorite book on fibromyalgia is From Fatigued to Fantastic by Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., a specialist in fibro. His book is jam-packed with things you can do, from medical treatments to alternative med stuff. Your local public library may even have a copy of this book, or may be able to get a copy for you from another library.

Dr. John Lowe is a fibromyalgia specialist who treats his patients primarily with thyroid meds, and he has very good results. He has written several books on his treatment protocol.

Best wishes.