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Sorry Bernice, I tend to be a little forgetful :confused: - I thought you were the person with cancer - you have graves!! SORRY
Quote from Bernice:
I had an overactive thyroid 10 years ago. I had a thyroid scan and an ultrasound done. Basically, I had a multinodular goiter with a background of graves. My thyroid specialist gave me a radioactive iodine pill which killed part of my thyroid. I then became underactive and was put on Synthroid (different doses until they found the right one). We moved across country but the very last visit to my thyroid specialist, he felt no more nodules. They either went down or went away. After moving here, I've been seeing a regular family doctor who does bloodwork once a year. In 7 years, they changed my dose on the Synthroid only once. It was working great for me. Then because my insurance will pay only for a generic brand, she put me on Levothyroxine. Since I've been on the Levothyroxine, my thyroid has been off every year for the past 3 years and they have to keep changing my dose, then 2 months later I get it checked and it's OK until my yearly bloodwork. So I decided to go to a Thyroid specialist around here. I had an appointment yesterday. She said that this radioactive Iodine Pill shrunk my Thyroid to almost nothing. She also felt 2 lumps (one on each side of my thyroid) but she feels that it's my cartilage that she's feeling and she also think that the lumps are just fatty tissue. I'm going to have an ultrasound done but I'm nervous that these nodules came back. She also measured my eyes. One is 11 and the other one is 16 but she said they are both in the normal range. She put me back on Synthroid and now we have to mess around with the dose to try and find the right one. My insurance will probably pay for it if they say I can only take Synthroid. Can the Radioactive Iodine Pill shrink your thyroid? Can fatty tissue feel like lumps? I'm nervous. Any suggestions?

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Okay, so maybe they want to know if you have any thyroid left or want to get rid of any thyroid that is there. I thought that was what they SOMETIMES do for people with graves. You had an RAI - that ususally does "kill off the thyroid" I think?? I need for one of the gaves people to help out here - didn't mean to scare you - I am sorry!!!! :o
HYPER people - help!!!