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I am new to these boards, pretty much new to thyroid boards in particular. However, I am not new to being hypo. I was diagnosed in December 2004. My doctor originally had my TSH at a 3.6, then I got a new doctor (in February 2006) who lowered it to 1.8, as of my test on April 20. He has increased my dosage to try to get it closer to 1. So, I have been on Synthroid this whole time. I started on 100, went to 125 in February, and am now on 150. I am feeling better and working out. Here is my dilema:

I need to lose the weight I gained which is about 60 pounds. For the past 3 weeks, I have been exercising everyday 30-60 minutes on the elliptical and trying to keep calories at about 1200. Although I feel better and "tighter," I have not noticed any change in clothes or the scale.

One other message board that I was reading had horrible luck with losing weight. This depressed me horribly instead of being encouraging. I am wondering, has anyone here had weight lose success and if so, what did you have to do to start seeing a change?

I am sorry for rambling, but am trying to give some background info.

(By the way, I am 28 if that matters)