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Hi Mangojunky,
According to Midwest 2/5/06, I think, taking T4(levothyroxine) won't affect the TSH test. She says:
To recap:
~ If you are taking Armour (or any combination of T3 and T4) within 8 hours before a blood test, it will skew your Free T3 and Free T4, but shouldn't have an effect on Total T3, Total T4, T3 Uptake, or TSH.

~ If you are taking Synthroid or any other T4-only med within 8 hours before a blood test, it will skew your FreeT4 test, but not Total T4, Free T3, Total T3, T3 Uptake or TSH.

~ If you are taking Cytomel within 8 hours before a blood test, it will skew your FreeT3 test, but not Total T3, Free T4, Total T4, T3 Uptake or TSH.

Also, there was a smoking thread you may be interested in from 12/17/05
Quote from Canyondweller:
:confused: I am a number of lung disorder forums and something we have noticed is that when we quit smoking our thyroid tests started coming out different and we have to keep adjusting the dose. Has anyone on this board noticed this? Most of us that I can remember had to increase our dosage. I don't think most Drs. would acknowledge this but I would like to see if that has been the experience of anyone here. It may have not been something you thought of. Thanks for your input.

Quote from Canyondweller:
..... I never thought to "google" smoking and thyroid but I did and this is pretty well known which makes me feel rather stupid. From what I read if you are going to quit it is a good thing to have a baseline TSH test done and then another done down the road. Since the symptoms can be very vague and different for everyone you might have to convince your Dr.if you start feeling different to test your Thyroid. Here I thought I was going to get a "prize" or something. Anyway, turns out it is true. :jester:

Hi mangojunky :wave: welcome!
[QUOTE]who has switched from t4 meds to a combination of t4 & t3. With positive change?
I'm only 3 months into the Thy meds rollercoaster, taking just Synthroid for 7 weeks. I had horrific side-effects and/or drug interactions while taking only Synthroid. When I started Armour, under Dr's care, I tappered down Syn while UPing Armour. I felt like a different person in 2-3 days. Maybe that had to do with all the side-effects, I don't know. Since starting a T3/t4 med my brain fog has lifted A LOT :D! Right now, I'm taking (and :p liking) Armour & a tiny dose of Synthroid due to my afternoon :yawn: CRASHES. have to do more labs, cuz I KNOW I need more Thy meds.

Studies do show that patients often feel better after adding a T3 or T3/t4 combo medicine to their systems. In my opinion, getting Thy meds correct is ALL about trail, error & experimentation.

And I would do a web search on TSH levels. Experts are still arguing what NORMAL is. But every thing I've read, suggests that 2.5-3.0 is the UPPER end of the normal range for a female.

illmakeit ~ THANKS for posting ALL of midwest's info. Sounds like avoiding Thy meds, if having blood drawn in morning, would be easy way to remember ALL that. said my FOG was better :rolleyes: but not gone ;) !