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I know how you feel. I went to an endo I found on the AACE website (that thinks normal is .5 - 2.5 TSH). I told him my zillion symptoms and for how long I've been dealing with them, and about my prior treatment with my RE. This endo suggested an ACTH (adrenal) test b/c of several prolonged colds I had between Dec and April and how bad they wiped me out (like the flu), and b/c of a few fainting episodes. I looked adrenal fatigue up and I had every single symptom. I told him my last TSH was 2.5 months ago and was 3.15 and I still felt horrible and keep getting sick (in fact, I have my 9th bad cold since Dec right now). I said I would like to try to get to around 1.0 TSH b/c I've read that in order to get pregnant I should be between 1-2 TSH. He mumbled that he could get me to about 1.5. OK, fine. So it takes over a week to get the ACTH results. He tells me that's fine, and that my thyroid is fine @ 3.84 TSH and leaves me at that. Hmmm - didn't I just tell him that I felt HORRIBLE @ 3.15?!? Then I found out he only tested TSH. What a waste of time and money seeing him. I called the next day and asked what I was supposed to do - feel horrible at this level?!? I begged to go back on .075 mg - somehow he let me and said to get tested in 5 weeks. I think I either need T3 or something other than Synthroid, or maybe I have something else going on. Anyway, I plan on finding another endo but it seems like I'll have to audition them first! Sigh. I even asked my RE (who handled my thyroid treatment crazily) about going back to .075mg but he said no, doesn't want me to go hypo again (he started me out on .100 when I was @ 6.34 TSH w/elevated FT4, T3 uptake, TgAB then went down in dosage every 2 wks then took me off meds for a month when I went hyper!). He said I was mid-range normal @ 3.15. Whatever - not going back to him either.