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I can't believe it took 20 years to get a proper dx! Yes, it is about time. It is hard when the other docs think you are crazy! Like we want to keep going to the docs to complain! No, we just want answers. Five kids and Eight grandkids! Wow! You volunteer, sing and tap dance? Well I guess as soon as I can walk normally there is no excuse not to get back on the treadmill???? ;)
Good luck with the rheumy in two weeks. I hope she/he does something for you. Let me know what it is!!!!! Have a great weekend. And thanks for your support!

I hear you. I will come around. I am a survivor. Very strong. Since you also have Hashi's I have a question. I read here that a new drug Lyrica, meant to treat pain for shingles is a great rx for fibro. Have you tried it? Would it interfere with the Levoxyl or Synthroid??? Worth a shot at next doc appt. Today I know this is a normal day. A little pain in my wrist. Who knows where it will go. But so far I can walk half way decently. I do thank you for all of the encouragement.

Thanks, but we had to reschedule Disneland. Brandon still has a fever. My four year old, Tyler understood, what a trooper!!!! Between you and I, I am relieved. We resecheduled for Sept. Maybe some of the thyroid damage willl be repaired and I will just be maintaining the fibro!!!! I know I will adapt. I am strong. My whole life I quetioned God for giving me these big arms. Man arms I have always called them. Then one day He told me to show me that I am strong. So I no longer hate my body type. I am very tall and some think thin although I am a size ten. But I have very big arms. Used to keep them very toned. But haven't worked out lately. I will once I can walk without shuffling or limping! Thanks again for your constant support.

It is hard to put certain symptoms together. Hu? But Bells Palsy on your wedding day??? No fair!!!! I am sorry for your dx with ms. And fibro!!! Yuck! My best friends mom has ms and she is in a scooter. But she is such a neat lady. They still go to Vegas all the time ect. Nothing keeps her down either. I will have this checked out as well. New doc didn't seem so concerned with tingling hands and feet but hey, I have insurance. I want an mri!!!
Thank you for your input.

Thank you all. I feel blessed to have a group of people to talk to. Nobody else understands. Especially not immediate family. So ....my new family!!!
Love and hugs to you all!
Deena, I have never taken Lyrica so can't help you with the reaction between it and synthroid (which is what I take). Ask your doc. I have had to learn to be very careful with the drugs and vitamins I take and when I take them to keep them from causing problems with my thyroid meds. Only because it can cause it not to be effective or as effective as it should be. It is hard to get the science of taking thyroid meds down, but once you do you won't be sorry, it is such a help.