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I've been itching for months now. I live in the disaster area from Hurricane Katrina. I was working out of state for a couple months following the hurricane. Upon returning back home I started with the itching. I figured it had to be something to do with the hurricane. Been spending lots of money at the dermatologists office. He's tried itchy pills, creams, antibiotics, new soap, etc. Nothings helping. Finally he sent me for some blood work. Found out my TSH was high 9.14 (0.5-5.5) Went to see PCP who found a heart murmur and enlarged thryoid. She put me Synthroid .025 mg to start. I'm going get a EKG and a Thyroid ultrasound. But she doesn't believe my itching is being caused by the hypo. She said the blood work doesn't show an allergic reaction and mentioned that the derm tested my for some stuff (i.e. lupus) that was unwarranted by my symptoms and the way my skin looks. I'm literally scratching sores into my skin. I've cut my nails completely off just to stop and its not helping. Still scratching myself till I bleed. PCP advised to see Derm in two weeks to see if Synthroid will begin to improve itching. She suggested a biopsy. Just learning other problems I've been passing off might be attributed to hypo (coldness, tired, moody, etc) Anyone else have itching? no bumps or rash until I make bleed. Help Itching is miserable and scarring!!!