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i was diagnosed with under active and prescribed thyroxene i suffered bad palps, i was only given 25 so i reduced gradually down to a quater of a tab while the month i was on them my reading was worse than before having them atall and i felt better without them!
but i do need treatment and i dont no what to do i have had a cardiogram 2 years ago and it was ok !
does every body suffer bad palps and are they bad for you? my hair is falling out still and it was better while i was on thyroxine for that month? the doctor said there isnt any other drug for thyroid? but i know there is synthroid which give the most palps and is synthroid good for peaple who dont suit thyroxine i smoke also but im trying to quit! this increases my palps when im having them .
i hope somebody can give me some advice ive been to all my doctors and they all say different things.
i have been really scared and alone peaple have been genually kind and helpfull on this site thankyou.
pps my thyroid condition was boderline before thyroxine and was much worse while i was on it! somebody said betas are good if you expereince palps on meds? sorry for long mess everyone im new to this and very confused ,last year i was prescribed diazepam for stress can i use theese for my palps ,im also on medium dose of methodone which has been under good control for the last 5 years and probably would have ended by now if i hadnt felt so poorly from all this from a very sad katpurs i hate thyroids!!!!!!!!!
i also have to be 110% for my 3 wonderfull children
I never suffered from palpitations before I started being treated, I now get them when I'm dropping back over to the hypo side again or if I'm taking a brand of thyroxine that doesn't work so well for me.

Synthroid is just the American brand of thyroxine, Goldshield is the equivalent here in the UK. Next time you collect your prescription from the chemist say you want the Goldshield brand because you react badly to the inactive ingredients in other brands, and stand your ground if they argue with you - they might have to order it in specially. Some people find that they feel better on Goldshield than on other brands, I definitely find it better than the other brands I've tried :)

i'm not sure what meds are available in the UK for hypoactive thyroids.

what i CAN tell you is that i had terrible palps when i was hypo. it was one of the first symptoms (the other being the feeling of something stuck in my throat) that induced me to go see the doctor. i went on levothyroxine (generic synthroid) and the palps were about the same for several weeks. i went on a beta-blocker for a month or so to help out because i even had some tachycardia. (EKG and cardiograms were normal) we re-started the levothyroxine at a very, very low dose and slooooooowly increased it. its been hard being patient but it seems my body wouldnt tolerate the typical starting dose.

i'd say my palps decreased and softened in my 3rd month of meds when i was taking 25mcg a day.

i'm on 50mcg a day and thankfully those heart symptoms have gone away.