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Hi Buddy....My hair was falling out at an alarming rate also. It was a new symptom along with hot flashes, shorter periods and way low energy level. Ironically, my fibro was better for a couple of years. My doc thought it was menopause but I was not convinced at 45 that I could be so "lucky". As it turned out it was my thyroid that was low. Started taking Synthroid and my body came back to life. Energy level up.....hair loss stopped and periods are 5 full days again (oh boy) along with the ocassional zit!!! Only bummer is my fibro came back in full force. More painful than ever. Gotta take the good with the bad I guess. I really urge you to have thyroid checked. It made a tremendous difference for me.

Good luck
Just wanted to repeat again what others said about thyroid. ALSO, my tests , a whole thyroid panel, came back negative, but my doctor went ahead and decided to do an ultra sound on my thyroid and came back that i had several nodules on my thyroid . I was then placed on synthroid and after a few months of being on it, my hair stopped shedding (felt like a dog lol). Ive been on the med for over a year now and havent had that problem any more. So , ask for an ultrasound if possible.