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Lots of things about doctors makes no sense. On this subject, they've been largely taught that it's impossible to have symptoms until TSH rises above a whopping 10.0., and that thyroid hormone supplementation causes brittle bones and heart damage... both false, unless the dose is too high. The development of lab tests has done this to us. Before that, MDs knew how to clinically diagnose, were very good at it, and prescribed Armour thyroid in the proper dosages just "by feel". Then came Synthroid, and it all changed for the worse.

There are doctors who would treat you at your TSH if your free Ts were low and your antibodies high, but it usually takes a concerted effort to find MDs like that. DOs and other holistic specialists are the most likely to treat, even in the face of "normal" lab tests. (Note that those "normal" levels may NOT be "normal" for YOU.) Endos are probably the least likely to treat, so don't pin your hopes there.

You need not just your TSH tested. Even more important are the free thyroid hormones (FT4 and FT3) and the thyroid antibodies (TPO and Tg). If your MD refuses to order them, and won't agree to a trial of med, get another opinion or more, if need be.

"Herbals" aren't going to help much if you're short of thyroid hormone.

(Kat, it doesn't help to tell folks you wish you hadn't been treated, and they should avoid it too. Besides... you still aren't being treated, presumably because you haven't found a doctor to help you through the adjustment period... so you shouldn't tell everyone it's a bad thing. They come here because they desperately want to try treatment and need help finding it. The majority of those who get it are eventually successful.)