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I was 6.34 in Sept then a week later my RE ran a full panel - TSH 4.99, elevated TgAB, FT4 & 3, T3 uptake. He started me on .100mg Synthroid for 2 wks and I went hyper (.01 TSH). He put me on .075mg for 2 wks, still hyper (.03). .05mg for 2 wks (.03), still hyper. Took me off for 2 wks, still hyper (.22). Kept me off another 2 wks, hypo (8.34). Put me on .05mg for 2 wks, 3.15. I stayed on that for 2.5 months when I decided to see an endo I found on the AACE website. That organization suggests the TSH normal range s/b .5 - 2.5. So, I tell him my history and bad hypo symptoms, tell him I want to try to get around 1.0 TSH or close, as I feel horrible @ 3.15 and am trying to conceive and heard you s/b 1-2 TSH. He says he can get me around 1.5 (well, OK...) and runs an ACTH test b/c of my neverending colds and how they wipe me out like the flu, and b/c of some fainting, etc. (test was normal). TSH is 3.84. He tells me stay on the .05mg. WTH?!? I called back and asked what am I supposed to do?!? I begged for .075mg so he said OK, for 5 wks. I still feel crappy. I know it can take a while to feel better, and that it may take a lot of med tweaking to feel right, but I haven't felt one bit better since being on Synthroid. That might have to do with the RE jerking me around so much. I'm now contemplating finding another endo. I don't know if I should wait another month or so to see if the .075mg is magically going to be the right med, but it doesn't seem like it. I'm going to call the current endo and tell him to check T3. Aaaarrrggghhhhh.
Took me 3 1/2 months to get on Thy med after one lobe was removed. I begged my surgeon for 1st lab paperwork, they were ran 10 days after surgery, too soon to show true results. But my pc-dr didn't THNIK to give me another order for blood work. She KNEW I'd had surgery b/c she commented how nice my inscision looked. So it actually took me asking, "would bloodwork done 10 days after surgery of been accurate ???" in late Jan before the ball got rolling. My surgery was in Oct 05, I saw pc-dr TWICE in Nov & once in Dec!

Then when I was in process of getting approval to see Endo, same pc-dr put a monkey wrench into it by telling health group office, "SHE was experienced in handling Thyroid issues"
If she was so experienced, WHY :mad: did it take me:
1) SOOO long to get on meds?
2) asking the RIGHT questions before more labs were run again??

Same pc-dr KNEW I was having HORRID side-effects on Synthroid, I asked for Armour & she refused b/c its an OLD :rolleyes: medicine - but didn't offer me an alternative. Had all the usual stages: more depressed, mad as all get out, then ready to do something about it. After having a loonnnnggg tearful chat with someone :angel: in my medical groups office, I was given names of other Dr's who may be helpful.

My new PrimeCare-Doc gave me Armour, but I was diving SOOO bad :yawn: in afternoons, that we added 25 mcgs of Levothyroxine to that. I felt 300% better but, my T3 & 4's were down & TSH had doubled, she didn't tweak THAT combo of meds. Put me on something totally DIFFERENT, Cytomel.

Feeling like a lab :yawn: rat theses days - - But the light at the END of this tunnel, new pc-dr says if SHE doesn't get me straightened out soon, I'm going to a SPECIALIST :)