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I can't believe your doc, doesn't seem alarmed, but really should be in my opinion. In 3 years I've seen a couple dozen people fall below range (very uncommon) on the acth serum test. I look for acth, if healthy, to be in the top third of the range. Most with secondary adrenal insufficiency are in the bottom third. Almost all with secondary fall within range on that test.

Your morning cortisol is very low, upper 20's is what I look for in healthy women. 15 is the most common number reported. You definately need the acth stimulation test, all pituitary hormones tested (LH, FSH, prolactin, TSH (with free T3 and free T4 and antibody tests), igf-1 and possibly vasopressin). All who test low pituitary should get an MRI, with and without contrast of their pituitary (newer machines give better pics, look around) to see if a pituitary tumor could be the cause (many docs fail to do this for some reason). If no tumor, some other possible causes are radiation, head trauma, major blood loss (Sheehan's). That you say your problems happened after you bled out, I think Sheehan's syndrome (hypopit caused by blood loss) is likely what you have. The loss of blood can damage the pituitary. Don't assume this could be the cause before an MRI is done. Sheehan's is treated the same as non-Sheehan's, just treat the hormones that are low period.

Synthroid (T4) does not convert to T3 in most people and the T3 is what makes you feel bad or good depending on the level in your body. Investigate the benefits of Armour Thyroid (has T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin). I've seen no one on Armour say they wanted to switch back to synthroid, but there is a stampede of people on synthroid trying to find a doc to prescribe them Armour. Low cortisol has to be treated first though, so get the acth stim test.

Those with low acth, on the stim cortisol will usually double or more from a low base cortisol number. For example, your 10 if stims to 20 or higher (I've seen tripling and more, even decupling base 2 stimmed to 20), that shows your adrenals can work, just not getting the acth signal. If your adrenals were the problem, then your 10 won't double, but might only go up a little or not at all.

An osteopath is who I usually recommend, they tend to be better with hormone problems (know ranges are flawed) than most docs, especially endocrinologists.

Good luck
Thank you so much! I have had every test listed, and my FSH/LH are off, but the others are within normal range ( as far as refrences ranges go )... I did place a call into my Endo about this, about the ACTH, and asked if they could test me a bit Further since my level was so low! She is going too call me back, and we will go from there.

Last Night I spent time in the ER due too High Blood Pressure, that they think the Synthroid caused ( they just upped my dose too 75mcgs ) 2 weeks ago..I really feel something else is WAY OFF with me, cause even after 4 months of treatment on Synthroid I feel No different then when I walked into his office..

I really appreciate the time you took too reply toome! So Thank you so much!