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I just got a call from my endocrinologist (well, the nurse) and was told I have VERY low thyroid and they want me to start synthroid.

I've been having heart palpitations for months - that's what got me started on this search for answers about why I feel so sick.

I thought palps were a symptom of hyperthyroidism only... never a sign of hypo.

This is all new to me - can someone please educate me a bit ? I'd really appreciate your expertise.
Thanks so much! :wave:
Hi - thanks for responding so quickly!

I did notice on the rx that she tested TSH, T3, T4 - along with other things such as insulin, C-Peptide, etc.

I've had strange/unexplained symptoms for years. But last summer, I started having PAC's/PVC's and chest pains. Had full cardiac workup & came back fine. BUT - my TSH came back "normal" as well - that was the first thing my doc checked .... so,hmmmmm.

Other symptoms: Acne (hellooo I'm 40 years old!!), insomnia, exhaustion/fatigue, depression, anxiety, pain in one side of head, strange pains throughout my body, strange hair growth (my hair is growing like curly wires out of my head - and they aren't gray either), low BP, and still having the palps on a daily basis. Long - or absent - menses. And complete loss of libido.

I just think that these symptoms are weird for hypo, aren't they ??? Maybe I do too much research online, but I'm concerned that it's something deeper (pituitary?? adrenal ??) and don't want a "synthroid bandage"!

Thanks so much for reading, I really look forward to hearing what others have to share. I appreciate it so much! :angel:
Thanks so much to everyone's replies, I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel after reading them!!

Wow - I am not alone!! I thought I was going crazy. Heck, I even went to a psychiatrist & went on an Antidepressant (lasted a few days, I felt awful!)

Upon my initial exam - when she felt my neck, she said she suspected Hashimoto's (sp?) - which a couple of you mentioned in your replies.

Doc is going to start me on 1/2 tablet of .05 Synthroid for week 1, then 1 full tab per day for week 2. Then I am to call to discuss.

She also is ordering some extra labs to check pituitary/hormone levels as well.

Again - thank you ((HUG HUG HUG))