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Went to see Doc that I referred to as :angel: 7-8 weeks ago. She thinks Armour isn't working
for me. With this bloodwork I think I agree. My labs are:
t3 = 26 (22-35) down from 27.5
t4 = .9 (.8-1.8) down from 1.08
TSH = 6.22 DOUBLED up from 2.97

We talked about how better I feel on a t3/t4 combo compared to just t4. So she gives me a
perscription, telling me its stronger than Armour. ok :rolleyes: - take it to pharm. When I pick it up,
I realise that L-thyroxine is SYNTHROID. I had HORRIBLE side-effects on just Synthroid
in Feb & March 06.
Different Dr perscribed it then.

Doc & I talked about those side-effects, so WHY the *bleep* is she perscribing it AGAIN ? :confused: ?
So why would I want to torture myself (& FAMILY) again???

I ask the Pharm questions & got answers I didn't want to hear, but NEEDED to. L-thy is only
a t4 med.
Doc said it had SOME T3 {{{ :nono: to ME for not KNOWing }}}

So I'm calling medical group offices TODAY & getting them to put a rush on me seeing my ENDO.
I've played the game THEIR way, and its NOT :mad: WORKING!!!!!!!

Also calling the Doc & say there's no way I'm taking Synthroid AGAIN unless they give me a
T3 (Cytomel ?) along w/ it. WHY do Docs FOCUS so much on Synthroid???
Last time * I * knew, there ARE other choices,,,

It's sooo0oo0 FRUSTRATING to realise you've been talking to THE :mad: WALL

Thanks for reading,
Oh Sudufu, I was hoping this doc would work for you. Perhaps you just need MORE Armour. The dose you were on just may not be enough. I agree - don't take synthroid - I wouldn't even take it with Cytomel since you had a problem previouly.

"WHY do Docs FOCUS so much on Synthroid???" - because the makers of Synthroid have a great marketing department.

What symptoms are you having now?
I understand -ME TOO!!!:mad:- along with MOST of the others here - it is hard to get a doc that really listens to you.
I started 3/4 grain of Armour in late March & could feel the difference, like :p me, in a few days. But after 8-10 days I was crashing :yawn: so bad in the afternoon. So w/ Dr's permission, we added 1/2 my Synthroid (tiny dose .25 mcg's) to that. I was doing OK, but still tired & all the other normal complaints.

But my latest bloodwork had gotten WORSE, closer to just IN range, and I think THAT is what the Dr was looking at. But WHY she perscribed a T4 when I was raving about feeling more like me on a t3/4 combo is unclear.

Anyway, I did call in med group office this morning. Eileen asked me to call Dr. Del's office so she could bring my case up at committee. Eileen even admitted that what Dr Del perscribed is EXACTLY what I had so many side-effects with before.

we'll SEE :rolleyes: what comes out of todays committee meeting. Hopefully Dr Del will get some suggestions on how to better treat me THE PATIENT
Called Dr's office Fri morn, asking Doc to call back. Told nurse I just DIDN'T tolerate only T4 med before, so why would I now?

1:15 pm, Doc calls back. We talk about everything. She wants to put me on just Cytomel now, but if I have ANY bad effects to call her quickly. like the sound of :p that! Thought C usually goes hand in hand with a t4, but maybe they are trying to get my TSH down :confused: before the combine. I don't know,,,

So I go to pharm tonight, they had to ORDER the Cytomel, (thanks for the call to let me KNOW that,,, GRrr) won't be in until Sat afternoon. I'll call before I drive tomarrow.

thanks for reading,
p.s. WHY are the SAME drugs referred to by different names ? :confused: ?
not talking generic & name brand. When Doc perscribed L-thyroxine, I didn't KNOW {BAD :nono: Sue} it was SYNTHROID!
I don't understand why Armour or Synthroid or BOTH aren't being increased either. Seems to me that could of helped the lab numbers, but I'm NO Doc. I tolerate Syn just FINE along with ARMOUR, but horribly by itself.

My labs went down w/ TSH doubled Doc tried to give me L-thyroxine. (I didn't know it was Synthroid - but after chatting with Pharm, I refused L-thy) called Doc next day & now am waiting for Pharm to GET Cytomel , , ,

Mind you, my particular case WAS talked about at Thursday's committee, which is like a Doctors roundtable. So maybe this is what ALL the DOC's thought would be best in MY case, I don't know , , , Trust me, I'm ON this. I've played their hmo game far too long. My Mom is HypoT patient herself, a nurse to boot & says she'd be raising a few :mad: roofs

thanks Kharma ;)
p.s. our kitty's name is Karma :p too!
Hi Sudufu!
I am sorry for your recent probs! I do hate the docs! Please keep going and pushing to get what you need. Ihope you have an ok weekend. My t3 is low and the endo I went to said he wasn't worried about that and put me on levothryoid. Which I guess is Synthroid. At the time I was so excited tojust be treated that I didn't argue. But I remember you telling me I need something for the t3.
I guess they all like the synthroid bandaid!!
Let us know how it goes. You were always one of my biggest supporter!!!!
Love and hugs
Thursday I refused to take L-thyroxine when I figured it was just Synthroid going by different :rolleyes: name. When Delgado called Friday, I again explained my HORRIFIC side-effects, so she suggested Cytomel, it's soley T3. I have my new Cytomel meds in my hot lil hand :D , , ,

We'll see how it goes. I'm happy Delgado is willing to TRY something new, rather than continue to shove my square body into Synthroids round hole. Honestly, I feel like Armour w/ some Syn would of worked if she just would of tweaked it more. But oh well.

At 4-5 weeks, my side-effects with a small dose of Syn, were: 2-4 hours of sleep :nono:, feeling like I was taking HANDfuls of depressants, FOG head & generally NOT feeling human. It was like taking Syn alone, w/ no other thy meds, caused a HUGE, ugly battle in my body.

thanks :wave: Deena
Can you try a different brand of L-TYROXINE? there are many!!!
Synthroid may have not worked but another brand may. Take Care
Quote from MOMOFBOYZ:

... the endo I went to said he wasn't worried about that and put me on levothryoid. Which I guess is Synthroid.

I just started Levothroid on the 9th, just beginning to learn to deal with hypothyroid, but the pharmacist gave me a handout which clarifies the drug names a little, so thought I would share with you.

As I understand it, Levothyroxine (L-thyroxine) is the generic name for the synthetic drug many of us take, manufactured as several different brands. In the U.S., brand names are Levothroid, Levoxyl, Synthroid and Unithroid.

In Canada: Eltroxin, Synthroid
Mexican Brand Names: Eutirox, Tiroidine

I found this link interesting [URL=http://www.thyroid-info.com/drugs/levothroid.htm]Thyroid Drugs[/URL]