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Thanks everyone. I am feeling better today. Luckily, my calcium levels were ok after the surgery and that is why I only had to stay overnight. When my endo visited me the next morning at the hospital he gave me a prescription for Synthroid but not to start taking it until he received the pathology report. He did put me on OsCal 500 + D 2x a day even though my calcium levels were ok. I guess it is just to make sure. However, when I spoke with my endo yesterday he mentioned that 90% of the biopsy came back as definitely negative - However, there was 10% that was "wobbly" :confused: . What the heck does that mean???? And now they are sending it to another lab who, I assume, is more knowledgeable. I am supposed to find out the results by Weds of next week and I am not to take the Synthroid until then. According to my endo, I should be ok with that since I still have some thyroid hormone in me. I was just getting calm and now this !!!! I thought I would have a peaceful, relaxing weekend but now am nervous about the results.

Otherwise, the surgery went well. My substernal goiter was huge - 12 cm and the surgeon said it was the size of a "baby". Neck is still stiff but sore throat is getting better.