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My husband went from being the type of person that never got mad to being mad almost every day all day. If he doesn't have anything to get mad at he will make something up or get made about something stupid like using the wrong sponge to clean the b-room and he'll actually be irritated for days.
At first I had no idea what was going on, I thought he was bipolar or even schizaphrenic. We have 2 kids (3 and 5 years old) that are the sweetest kids ever and what upsets me the most is how he treats them and how this might affect them.
He goes through ups and downs, he gets so angry that he yells and screams, punches holes in the walls, talks loud and fast (when is typically soft spoken) he is paranoid thinks I cheat on him when I have never cheated on him before or during our marriage. (We have been together since highschool 13 years) He is a totally different person. He honestly acts like the devil.
I had no choice but to leave because one day he got so mad that he took all of my clothes put them in the tub thru bleach all over them and then dumped bleach on me from head to toe. Broke my windsheild in my car, woke our daughter up at 2am in the morning to tell her how horrible her mother is of course she was so scared she didn't know what to do. He kicked the bedroom door in. Before all of this happened he took my keys so I couldn't leave. This rage lasts a few days and then follows with deppression and threats of suicide. Maybe another week goes by and he will pretend like nothing has happened and try to joke around sexually, its really weird.
I am not living with him but he calls and torments me everyday. He came to the kids soccer game cussed me out in front of all the parents and kids and slashed my tires after I gave him money because I felt bad for him (oh I forgot to mention that he doesn't have a job) He can only be nice for a few days at a time and then he repeats the cycle again. He blames everything on the graves disease but doesn't want to go to the Dr. He had his thyroid killed twice with the radioactive iodine pill (first time it didn't take) I'm not sure if worked this time either because he is still out of control. He says he wants to die and that's why he's not going to the Dr. What should I do.
Can he die from this if he doesn't take synthroid or some sort of thyroid medication? I don't know if I can or should admit him to a mental hospital. Any suggestions would help
Thanks for reading this long story!!