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Hi Connie:
Thanks for thinking about me. Sorry I haven't posted sooner but I just returned to work last week and have to get used to working again. The first few days I was exhausted but by the end of the week I feel much less tired.

I am doing very well. The stiffness in my neck is almost gone and I do not have a sore throat. My scar is healing great and I do not have any swelling. I've been using ScarCare which I purchased at CVS - putting 2 drops on the scar each day and it looks much, much better. I was able to eat "regular" food around 3 days after my surgery.
My biopsy came back as containing a Hurthle cell tumor which had both benign and (1) malignant cell. Luckily, the malignant cell was very small and minimally invasive and was contained in that one tumor. It didn't even localize to the thyroid. So it is not necessary for me to have any type of radiation treatment afterwards. The FNA I had previously did not show this but that was because I had a substernal goiter (very large 12cm) which was growing down rather than across and the part of the goiter that was not visible could not be biopsied. I am also on 125 mg Synthroid and so far do not have any side effects. Still get a little tired but not as bad as before. I waited a few days to wash my hair and just wrapped a trash bag around my neck so it wouldn't get wet. That worked out great.

Good luck on your surgery on Monday. You will do fine. As far as the surgery it wasn't as traumatic or bad as I expected. The waiting was much worse than the actual surgery. After the surgery my neck was stiff (couldn't move it much from side-to-side) and had a bad sore throat. I was given ice chips in the hospital and that helped alot. I had a worse sore throat when I had strep throat years ago.

Try to rest this weekend and keep a very positive attitude. Please feel free to write if you have any other questions I can help you with.

Take care.