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If your test results were only a point or two elevated would you take medication? I don't have any energy but when the dr put me on Synthroid I had such horrible headaches I had to stop taking it. He will not discuss letting me try Naturethroid or Armour he says they don't work.

Also, what do you think about the at home thyroid test? Thanks.
Synthroid isn't the only Thy med out there, even if we wereN'T considering Armour & Naturethroid. If your Dr isn't willing to look at other alternatives, especially KNOWING your headaches, its time to find another Dr.

I took .50 mcg's of Synthroid alone for 7 weeks. By week 4-5 my side-effects were:
2-4 hours sleep nightly
irratated / CRABBY
feeling like:
1) there was a cloud in my head - FOG head
2) I was taking DEPRESSANTS

When my Dr refused my request for Armour, and did NOT give an alternative med, KNOWING my side-effects I found another Doc!

Thyrolar, synthetic liotrix for thyroid hormone replacement, a combination of
L-triiodothyronine (T3) and levothyroxine sodium (T4),

I take Cytomel (t3 only med) now. Why couldn'y your Dr perscrib Thyrolar (t3/4 combo) or Cytomel to go WITh Synthroid??? Many, MANY patients feel better after T3 med or combo med is perscribed.