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It's really criminal that you've been put through this expensive psych drug route! It happens all too often. Most docs get their continuing education from drug reps, who get their commission from the newest most expensive meds.

Please, please, please -- tend to your somewhat low thyroid. Optimizing thyroid function can make a world of difference.

For the pain of fibro -- we know that the majority of fibro sufferers (80% in one study) have elevated substance P in their blood. Substance P is like a magnifier or a megaphone for pain. SP amplifies pain signals. In normal people, SP is inhibited by thyroid hormone.

Fibro sufferers need more than the standard TSH screening test for thyroid that 99% of docs offer. We need to check the free thyroid hormones -- the free T3, free T4, as well as for thyroid antibodies. When the free thyroid hormone levels move into the upper third of the normal range (through thyroid hormone supplements), things improve GREATLY. Many fibro sufferers also find they do better on a combination of T3 + T4 meds, rather than the T4-only meds (Synthroid, Levoxyl) that are universally offered. T3 is esp. great for fibro fog.

The problem with leaving suboptimal thyroid problems untreated is that this puts your adrenal gland "on duty" for 24 hrs a day in compensation for the low thyroid. Over time, your adrenal gland becomes pooped out & then problems really start to multiply.

If you don't have med insurance, it's impt to start with a doc who will run these tests & prescribe based on hormone levels & symptoms. The tests are not free, but they are a much better value, and cheaper than most of the drugs you've named off. Thyroid hormone meds & even adrenal meds are among the least expensive meds on the market.

Best wishes.