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My doctor has based the dosage of synthroid I need on my bodyweight. Is this an accurate measure?
I'm 26 and 110 pounds, and I only take 15 mcg synthroid. My dr. started me off on 25mcg, and i went through hyper hell. I had to restart at 12.5, increase it to 15mcg, and now i'm increasing it to 18mcg ( I cut all my 50 mcg pills with a pill cutter!) No one thinks that this small amount would do anything but it dropped by tsh from a 8.125 to a 4.285 already.

As for estimating it by weight - I looked it up in a thyroid book and i should be taking around 75mcg right now. I don't think I'll be up to that for a very long time!!
Thank you for the replies! I suspected as much. I'm 110lbs and on .75mcg of synthroid. I'm soo fatigued all the time, and so frusterated with my doctor. I have secondary hypo. due to a pituitray tumor. I'm deficient in all the pituitary hormones. So I have hypothyroidism, addison's disease, diabetes insipidus, growth hormone deficiency, lh and fsh deficiency. My endo. refuses to test my T3, my T4 is barely within range according to my most resent test.
I went to my family doctor and had him test my T3, the results were that I am below range there. My family doc is nervous to prescribe me more meds because of my other deficiencies. My endo refuses to acknowledge T3, she says its a rare genetic disorder that I wouldnt be able to covert T3 to T4, but refuses to even test T3 to find out if I happen to be suffering from this "rare" disorder!! I have a new endo. lined up, but I won't see him untill Sept. 20. I am so desperate to feel like myself. My doctor forwarded the T3 test to my endo this week, I will call and ask if she got the test and if she's now willing to treat my low T3 and still low T4. I started synthroid 7 weeks ago and feel worse than before I started. Sorry this is so long, it feels good to vent.