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I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis because of elevated antibodies. Even though my labs have always been "in range" I am on replacement hormone (my TSH was 3.85 when I started Synthroid).

I had/have many of the symptoms you listed and was also tested for MS as well as lupus and RA (along with many others). All testing was neg except for thyroid antibodies.

I would suggest getting another dr also if this one does not feel elevated antibodies mean anything; it means you have Hashi's or Grave's...I would guess Hashi's based on your symptoms.

It sounds like you're having flare-ups of hyperthyroidism but your symptoms point to primarily hypoT (I am usually hypoT but spend a lot of time hyperT also).

You DO have thyroid disease; now you need to find a dr who recognizes it and will treat it.

It's possible you may have other autoimmune issues as well (having one AI disease predisposes you to others).