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I gained 7 pounds in the first couple weeks following the TT. I felt terrible, had no energy due to going hypo, but my appetite was just hunky-dory. It was a tortured 5 weeks getting the TSH up to a level where my Rad. oncologist would give me the RAI.

Once you get the RAI behind you and start on the Synthroid or Armour things will better--slowly. :dizzy: Yes, not having a thyroid should make regulating you easier. The process may take a few months, maybe longer. Most doctors will start at a conservative dose and increase it based on the blood tests and, if you're lucky enough to have a really good doctor, on how you feel. You could probably be regulated quicker on Armour (or Synthroid and Cytomel) but most doctors are in love with Synthroid all by itself. Just be patient and you will eventually find the dose that works for you.
My doc didn't want me back (after starting the Synthroid) for 3 months but my hypo symptoms were not disappearing fast enough for me so I insisted on a test and appointment at the 2 month point.

After reading the test results he first said he would increase me to 250, from 200. But he hesitated and then asked how old I was (58) and he changed it to 225. I don't know why my age mattered but it seemed to.

I handled 225 just fine for a few weeks and my hair stopped falling out so I was happy. That is, until I woke one night about a week ago with a pounding and racing heart. I cut back down to 200 that morning.

I sent a message to the doc to tell him what I had done and why but there's been no response at this point. I go back in early July for another round of tests.

Except for the 5 weeks post-op and pre-RAI it hasn't been too bad for me. Hopefully you will do even better; many folks do.