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You would fall into that "I'll never get properly treated" category. Your labs look ok, toward the hypo side but its not bad enough for most docs to put you on meds. You can probably use about .5 MCG of Synthroid with your current TSH to give you a little boost. You really want your TSH a little lower, like .8 - 1.5 typically, and your Free T4 between 1 and 1.2 or 1.3 usually but because the thyroid is so hard to regulate, I think most docs will give you the typical "we'll watch this. Come back to see me in 6 months and we'll retest."

Antibody test is not a bad idea and if your a guy, although I don't know your age, a testosterone test might not be a bad idea too. Low test can make you feel like crap too.
Quote from Miketheman101:
I got some new tests done:

free t3-328 range 268-455
thyroglobulin-<20 range <20

Does this mean I don't have hashimoto's, or should I do the other antibody tests.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]For a male type person, you should be hanging around 361 (268+455/2=mid range) or a little higher...never lower. You just won't feel well. Doesn't matter if you have Hashimotos or not, the end result is the same...you don't feel too good.
My husband is even worse than you and I'm having a time keeping him interested, while we go from doc to doc, in treating this instead of taking Pravachol to keep his LDL levels down. The long term on his liver is unknown, but the long term on untreated hypothyroid (no matter the cause) is known, and it ain't pretty.
Please consider taking Armour thyroid. It just works better because most folk already have a conversion problem due to less-optimal-everything-functioning, including the liver, the largest conversion organ. If you just take T4 (Synthroid), than your body still has to do all the converting, and guess what...it doesn't happen too efficiently and you're left the victim. Armour thyroid has it all in there, T3, T4, T2 and T1. Perhaps not the most optimal combination, but better than just taking T4. This is why it takes sometimes 2 years to get it right, with bloodwork every 6 - 8 weeks. The trick is to feel well all day and to sleep well all night!!
Good luck!