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I'm 43 & my last period was back in March, before that they were pretty regular. My Synthroid has been increase 3 times now, i am now taking 75mcg's, started off on 25 (last summer) Also my frees, while in the normal range ,are in the lower end, in fact so much that i convinced my pcp to put me on Cytomel in a baby dose of 5 mcg's, it has been a week since the increase & while i do feel 75% better (was feeling awful with some hypo symptoms before) still nothing. someone said that if your Free T3's & T4's are low, or not at midpoint of the range, that can throw off your cycle (a better term for lack of periods) I am miserable! :confused: I had a pregnancy test, negative, My next birthday is in a couple months & i'm probably in perimenopause (according to my gyn dr) I think the cytomel is slowly helping. Is there any other female going through this or has gone through it? I have a script for labwork but I want to wait at least 6 weeks due to the recent med adjustment & addition.
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hi, you definitely need to be in the upper 2/3's of the reference range. You need to forget the term "normal range" because what the labs list are only reference ranges. Also, I'm a huge advocate of using Armour thyroid. I was put on a dose of Synthroid years ago and told that I could never get off of them. After taking them for 2 years (I threw them out after that) with no difference in how bad I felt (including 8 day periods with severe cramping and a flow that would have filled a toilet). It didn't do a bit of good and the doc wouldn't increase it because my "total" numbers were in the "normal" range. When I started learning on this website and I certainly got my eyes opened! I am now taking Armour thyroid 120 mg (started on 75 mg) and my Free numbers are at the top of the range, I sleep well all night, and just to shock those docs who swear by the TSH, mine is .08. I have never felt better in my life. Oh, yea...and I went through menopause in one month at the age of 53. About time![/FONT]
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see im the opposite very heavy flow! and it scares me ideas anyone help!!!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Synthroid didn't help me at all. Armour thyroid worked liked a charm. Please read my entry below!
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