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Miss Curvy,

I agree with the last three posters on their comments. CFIDS and hypothyroidism often occur together (for the reasons Steerpike mentioned). I was diagnosed with both Hashimoto's hypothyroidism and CFIDS last Fall (after 6-7 years of symptoms). The only time my pins-and-needles sensations went away (I have them mostly in the hands/arms) was during the first few months of treatment with Synthroid. After my body adjusted to the new thyroid source, the sensations returned. I'm very tempted to believe they are related to the lack of cell energy and the affect of hypothyroidism (or CFIDS) on the cell mitochondria.

But I absolutely agree with Daisy. GET that THYROID checked (and peek at my posts from just a few minutes ago to Levente). Then look on the thyroid board. They have excellent "posters" there.