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I have told the endo 4 times already that I just feel WORSE and WORSE since I started the Synthroid.

So now, she is having me do an ACTH test.

I looked on the net, looks like this is to measure cortisol, and rule out pitutary and adrenal probs ??

On my Synthroid insert, it has a warning about taking this med if you have adrenal problems. Shouldn't docs rule that stuff out FIRST ?

Sigh! I hope I make it til Friday - the way I'm feeling, I can't stand it much longer.

The dizziness and pressure in my head is taking me over. I can barely sit at the PC.

If anyone can help me out with info, advice, or just want to vent along with me, I'd love it. Thanks so much.:angel:
Hi, I posted on your last thread..Sorry you are still not feeling well..Thats wonderful she is checking your adrenals, but I think I would ask for a different type of thryoid meds.. synthroid works great for some and others it doesnt.:dizzy: