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Rozzi and friends!
Still raining here in Virginia (I live outside the DC area) I think we are starting to see the animals line up two by two. I thought of you today when I saw some old clips of Wimbeldon. Virginia is green this time of year. Usually warm and beautiful.

To answer your question, I'm not on thyroxine (is that Cytomel or Synthroid). I was on levoxyl before the surgery and felt FANTASTIC. I mean I could conquer the world. I can't take it now because I have to have the I-131 treatment to kill any cancer cells left behind. But as soon as I have it I think I get to go back on it. Since you did not have cancer I assume you are on some type of Synthroud now.

I went to work today for a little while (I'm a school administrator and oversee multiple sites). It got me out of the house. Anyway, I only stayed a few hours and then definately had to leave. It was a nice change, but I'm not the youthful self I used to be (although I'm only 38). The kids are home with me tonight. That keeps my mind going. But nights are hard. I tried to shave my legs today. Not to get too personal - but when I sat down in the shower my legs went to sleep, cramped up, and it took a while to get feeling in them. Still think it's because of the calcium.

My husband - god bless his soul says we have to remember that we lost a major organ which was like the CPU in a computer. The body is reprograming commands from somewhere else. In the meantime it takes awhile for everything to come together. I feel a little better but still down.

It's nice that your kids are helping and caring for you. Mine want to play power rangers and jump on the moon bounce. You are right that we have to put our heads together and pull through. I really appreciate the folks on this board and kind words of wisdom. Talk to you soon.