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Ever since I was diagnosed with HypoT I have been having issues. Now that I am dropped my Synthroid from .112 to .100 I'm not as crazy manic, but I have other problems.

I've always had bad emotional PMS. My endo put me on Yasmin b.c.p. to help with my female hormones. But, now, I am experiencing more physical PMS symptoms which I haven't had in years. I am bloated and my breats are sore. I am miserable.

Are the sore breats because of estrogen dominance - exasperated by the HypoT? Is the Yasmin b.c.p. bothering my PMS?

Would I do better to change to a progesteron only pill? I need to keep my female hormones stable to help with the perimenopasue/emotional PMS symptoms - but I can't take the painful physical PMS symptoms.

What do I do?