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Wow! What a huge difference the name brand made for me! I felt it almost instantly! I am still really happy I got a taste of Synthroid vs the generic even though it was by accident! I will not be taking the generic again!

Sticking up for yourself is definitely the right way to go! Good for you!

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I actually got the generic - (from a different Dr.) and have been on it about 4 months. I seem to be doing better on the generic - at least for now. Before this I've had synthroid for about 7 years.
On the synthroid, every new refill seemed to make me feel different. Even my husband noticed the difference in me. He would say something like - 'you've got a good dose this time' - or 'are you sure your taking you medicine' - if I had been acting a bit 'off'.
I had the generic for about a year when first diagnosed (10 years ago), but I don't remember why it was changed to synthroid.

Just interesting how different people react to different drugs.

I have been taking synthroid for about 3 yrs. on april 1st I got a refill & also as of April 1st my ins would no longer pay for Synthroid so they gave me Levoxyl. I started having all the hypo symptoms all over again. I talked to my N.P. & told her about the switch & that my symtoms started pretty close to the same time. She said she can't take the generic. Who would have thought I could tell such a difference. I am in the process of getting a letter from Dr. to get changed back to Synthroid. I told the rx it really messed me up last time I was in. They just laughed!


[QUOTE=LisaBob;2429531]Because of your responses to my posts and other threads I have read on the subject, I requested my doctor do a "no substitutions" on my prescription. (I am so sick of my insurance company calling the shots on my healthcare!) Anyway, I am very excited and hope it may bring me some benefit.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! :wave:

Wish me luck!