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i felt this way for many YEARS complained each time i went to dr always wrote it off as nothing to be concerned about just told me to try to get more rest finally i found a dr that tested my thyroid lo and behold that was the problem my joints and muscles hurt, it hurt to dress in the morning, my body even hurt to have clothes on, they felt too heavy, i got to the point i could sleep 24/7 no desire to do anything, couldnt muster the strength to do it began to panic when i did do anything because i worried if i got too tired how would i get back home once when my daughter was 5 and my son was 5 months old, i went to walmart and was sooooo tired it was all i could do to get to the snack bar, all i could do was to lay my head on the table and told my daughter to get out my check book with my phone number on it and go to the service desk (close to the snack bar) and to ask if she would call home and tell my husband to please come and get me because i could not get home it was awful i took levithroid and it was not good was getting back to the way i was before synthroid is the medication i use and it has made a BIG difference. when you go for a checkup insist or demand that you get checked for this i know it can be a hard thing to catch --- a friend of mine was in the hospital and had been on medication for this but they kept telling her she was normal when they did a test--- she was tested each day she was there and they caught it finally. i hope you can gethelp soon i feel for you