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Knew i had hashis for several years but blood work always came back normal.
Now, 10 years later tsh came back 75 and t4 free is 0.54.
My 1st endo appt tomorrow. Did follow up blood work since synthroid started 6 wks ago. tsh says 2.1.

I'm not sure that 100mcg synthroid can really bring this down in 6wks. much less with hashis i now know readings have been wrong cause no one drew continuous blood over periods of time to see real readings.

Can someone have wrong readings being on synthroid? Has anyone also found readings of lupus showing up on blood work? Can thyroid be that bad that other readings could show up in error?

Being on synthroid is making me really constipated. Anyone else? Alot of my swelling is down except in my legs. Circulation hasn't cleared up either. Anyone else with these complaints. I know thyroid supplier of oxygen to the blood.

Anyone???? Thanks.