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My main symptoms, which occur daily for past 12 months....

Irregular heartbeat PAC's & PVC's
Short duration shooting pains - chest, right temple, leg, wrist, neck Little "spasms/twitches" occasionaly in various places (mainly where I can feel a pulse in above mentioned areas)
Feeling "out of it" - sometimes severe dizziness
Reasonably low BP (90/65)

Often I think I must be having a heart attack or stroke - but all of the tests have come back okay. So I don't run to the ER or anything.

I've had every cardiac test (except angiogram) - which showed the arrythmia but no other problems. Had an MRI of the head, and CT of chest. Also tilt table & carotid doppler.

Bloodwork has ALL come back normal. Initially was suspected to have hypothyroidism because labs came back highly irregular. But I had terrible reaction to Synthroid. They retested my TSH/levels 3x and they came back normal. So - there was a boo-boo at the lab.

Female, 40, quit smoking 1 year ago (25 years!), used to drink ALOT and "partied" for many years. Sometimes I wonder if I destroyed my body :confused:

Interested to hear if anyone has similar symptoms, esp. after quitting the nicotine! Thanks.