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Back in Oct. I was diagnosed with "Hypo" and my TSH was 76.4. I was really sick. I am on synthroid. I am now way over on the hyper side. I had to go to the ER on Tuesday because of shortness of breath, heart palpitations and light-headedness. Is it better to go to a thyroid specialist?
About 6 years ago I got extremely sick and I thought I had a brain tumor and that I was gonna die. So I didn't want to got to the dr. I finally was convinced by my husband and mom that I needed to do something about this, and that 45 pounds was to much to gain in 4 months and I should not have all of these other symptoms going on. I'm on a high dose of synthroid and I was wondering if you new anything about high doses of synthroid not being good for you?
1.31 is a good #

i was 15.5 back in 1995 when i was diagnosed. i was nursing an 8 month old, got the flu, had to wean him, took two rounds of Cipro (20 days) before i got rid of the "flu". i think it was bad because my thyroid was so low. i finally got to about 2.5, on 112mg synthroid. i was still tired, blah, blah, blah.....the doc said, "you need to see a psychiatrist. you're depressed. your thyroid is 'in the normal range'." i wanted to slug him! if the range goes below 1.0, couldn't "MY" normal be say, .5?????????

if you still have the "depression-like" feelings, ask your doc how low you can go. most don't feel comfortable going below 1.0

your # can change during stressful times, different seasons, and different times during your menstrual cycle.

a bit of GREAT advice......get a copy of EVERY blood test!!!!!!!!!!! that way you can match your change in # to the different events i listed above. a good thing to do is to write what day of your cycle you got the blood test, because you won't remember later.

i learned from my mistakes.

my # in december was 8! my family doc increased my cytomel by 5mcg to 30. i didn't get a test before i saw the endo.
he switched me to synthroid, 137.
after 5 wks my test # was .7, but i still felt like crud.

when the change in meds took place i could feel it! i went from "just starting to feel like a human...some more energy" to a slug again. i never got a # for when i was at 30mcg cytomel. that was a great place to be!

then he said to get a test before i saw him which was 3 wks later (8wks on 137 syn), my # was .07.... he said it was too low...way to low.

he said he NEVER, in all his yrs (& he is old), has he seen a patient go from .7 to .07 in 3 wks, since at 5 wks it should have taken it's maximum effect!


so now i'm on 125. i was supposed to get my test 3 wks ago...(8wks on this dose)..i'm gettin' it tomorrow. i'll call him in a wk for the #. if it's higher than.7, he said i can take 5mcg cytomel also. i'll see him in sept.

if you don't know...cytomel is T3, synthroid is T4. your body has to turn the T4 into the T3. so cytomel is stronger, so you take a lower dose. i do much better on it, i've found.

there's also other tests, but most docs just go by TSH, unless you are really complaining of symptoms, then they check free T4, and others, if you STILL are not feeling right they do antibody tests, then adrenal tests, but the other tests are only done as a last resort because the insurance companies don't want to pay!

(i had the antibody test and was normal. my obgyn ordered a COMPLETE, and i mean COMPLETE range of tests for me. they ck'd hormone levels, all kinds of junk. )

i hope i helped!