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I was recently diagnose with an underactive Thyroid and my doctor ran a blood test and was concerned about my cholesterol levels that are at 245. Now i'm 35 male and active. I really don't have a family history of high Cholesterol. He believes my Thyroid is effecting my cholesterol. I've recently started Synthroid to regulate my Thyriod. So in about 2 months we will see if those numbers go down. Funny because when I was first diagnosed with Thyroid problem my total Cholesterol was at 188. When I was told about that that, I went on a perfect diet for 1 month. I'm mean I didn't have 1 oz of any fatty food and drank only water. Furthermore I exercised on a trend mill for 30 minutes, 4 times a week. Then when I was retested and to my surprise my Cholesterol jump from 188 to 245. This happened before I was on any Synthriod medication. Wondering what your thoughts are and have others had their Cholesterol jump from a Thyroid issue?
Greg, I also have a thyroid issue, I had to have surgery 26 years ago and was on a natural thyroid for many years and had perfect cholesterol. The manufacturer of the thyroid suppliment I was taking stopped making it and my doctor put me on Synthroid, I did not do as well on Synthroid and didn't learn that there were still company's that make a natural thyroid until I got my computer. Armour makes one and it has all that your body needs where as the synthetic does not. I am anxious now to see if it has helped my cholesterol go down to what it used to be. At least the natural has slowed the hair loss. Here is something else that was funny to me, when my husband found that his cholesterol was up we quit eating the 2 eggs for breakfast and guess what, my cholesterol went up. Go figure !!:dizzy:
Synthroid is only T4. Your body might need the T3. Unfortunately (as doctors believe) T4 does not always change to T3 as it is supposed to. Therefore you might need the T3. Armour has both T4 and T3 in it. By cutting out the fat in your diet, you might not be doing your body a favor. Research at Washington University in St. Louis has shown that the body needs new fat to burn old fat. When you body goes into starvation mode, cholesterol will rise.
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I have an underatctiveThyroid and on Sythroid for about 40 years and have high chol. but I have not been told it is from my thyroid. Have been told years ago that my liver puts out more chlosterol then my body can handle, therfore the lipid lowering regime.

Had to many problems with Satin drugs and now on all natural supps. that are doing the same thing the satins did.

Do you mean lipid lowering or side effects? Also you might need more T3. Synthroid will only help with the T4. Most bodies convert T4 to T3, however some don't.