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:wave: I want to tell you that your hair loss IS NOT PERMANENT. I had very severe hair loss due to taking SYNTHROID. I don't even have a really severe thyroid problem but the drig DESTROYED MY HAIR, ME and my life. (ANd I have been through a lot) but after 9 months of hair loss and HELL - I found a woman in NYC (Cari Paige) who helped me get my hair growth started and I am almost growing the same hair I had before this nightmare started. People don't really know (most) and doctors don't know anything abotu this. I even went to a trichologist in NYC where I spent $300 and got ripped off completely. HOw these people sleep at night is beyond me.

I met a woman who is a beauty consultant for tv, films, and works w/a lot of stars -- but don't get scared. She is totally down to earth and really cares about helping people w/this problem --- because --- SHE HAD THE SAME PROBLEM AND WAS FREAKED OUT BY IT. This person gave me my hair back and also told me how to become more relaxed NATURALLY (she's all about natural products). I am calm, happy, mellow, and all due to her knowledge. There is hope. You just have to find the right people who know the right information. I know she worked on it for a year and resaerched hair loss and obviously came up with the right answers.

[ REMOVED ] -Take care and don't be freaked out -- it is only temporary, I can assure you!

hi i had severe hair loss , it may be a tiny bit better sinse ive been on thyroxine but not bac to its original glory, i always thought that the thyroid hormone was supposed to restore it??? and if you have a thyroid problem do you still take synthroid?? or have you stopped thyroid hormones?? i heard this illness is a thinh for life and how did you stop ypurs or are you having a different drug lots of love from katpurs and thankyou for sharing its kind of you love from katpursxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:wave: xx
My hair stopped falling out when I increased my Synthroid. I'm not saying Synthroid can't cause hair loss in rare instances but by relieving hypo symtoms it will stop hair loss in most, with the right doseage.
can I tell you my story? I was diagnosed with hashimoto's in 2000 after my second child. Hair started falling out, but never stopped after my 1st child. By the time my 2nd was born, I had half my hair left. On Synthroid, my hair just continued to fall, absolutely no relief. Doc said hair loss was unexplainable. Then I go on these websites that say synthroid causes hair loss. I switched to Parke-Davis thyroid (125mg) but that didn't do much good. Now I've upped my dose to 180 mg, meaning I take 1/2 tablet 3X day. I also take Lugol's solution 1,2 drops/ day. Does anyone know when my hair will stop falling out? Please help, anybody.:confused: cathy